Nutrient-dense, balanced and diverse meals is paramount to building your baby's foundation, healthy weight gain, and alleviating pregnancy symptoms.
We understand the nuances of each trimester – for both mom and baby. We keep track of where you are in your journey to help you cope with symptoms and deliver the nutrients both of you need as your baby grows. 

Focus Trimester 1: Morning sickness, fatigue, indigestion, dehydration

Focus Trimester 2 + 3: Heartburn, swelling, indigestion, fatigue, dehydration, healthy weight gain

You don't have time to feel poorly, and you don't have time to meticulously plan your meals - we make sure everything in your body is working for you. We promise it'll help with preparing for birth, and postpartum recovery. 

Each meal option includes the daily specially made snack to soothe your pregnancy symptoms.
  • Additional family add-on meals available at a discount.
  • Orders must be placed by Thursday @ 8pm for delivery once a week on Mondays (5-10pm).  (Delivery to Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn only)
  • Minimum subscription for 2 weeks. Cancel anytime after that.
  • 5 day Choose your own - Choose any 5 items on the weekly menu. Please email your choices to
  • All breakfast + lunch options are vegetarian/vegan accounting for plant based proteins
    • Only dinners contain additional meat protein
    • If you have additional protein needs, please email us

Prenatal (Trimesters 1-3)

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