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Fertility through postpartum, we design and deliver nourishing meals to your doorstep.

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Food startups like Nouri Mama, a pregnancy and postpartum meal delivery service in New York City, are aiming to bridge the cultural gap for those who may be living far from their grandmothers and aunts, and even their native foods.

Many new mothers in America lack access to nutritional guidance, community support, and culturally inclusive resources. Nouri meals are made using seasonal, science-backed ingredients to fulfill the unique needs of pregnant and postpartum mothers.

Our friends at Nouri have created a meal delivery service rooted in science, inspired by Chinese medicine, and adaptive to your stage of pregnancy from trying to conceive through postpartum

Our food philosophy

Nouri brings together the best elements of Eastern food therapy and Western nutritional standards, and delivers them to your door as delightful, fully prepared dishes and snacks. 

Inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic practices, we are more than a meal service; we are uniquely focused on the role of food in your whole health and wellbeing during one of the most important (and exciting!)  times of your life. Our stage & symptom-specific approach guides you through the ups and downs of the journey.

Through heritage and training, we’ve learned the ancient traditions that people have relied on for centuries to nourish themselves and their families.

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Answer a few questions so we know your preferences. We’ll take care of the nutrition research and design eastern-inspired menus that comfort, satisfy and support your wellbeing.

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Get customized nutrition education and other evidence-backed Eastern wellness recommendations for your stage & symptoms. We know a lot of the pregnancy journey can feel like work, so we do our best to keep things light.

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Wake up Monday morning to a text reminder that we’re handling your meal planning. Track your delivery so you know when it’s set to arrive. Anything new to share? We’ll check in each week.

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Savor & repeat

Nourish your body with delicious, nutritionist-made meals featuring seasonal and functional ingredients. Keep them in your fridge, and follow the simple heating or plating instructions on each package. 

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Choose from a curated meal plan (but take the health assessment first!), a la carte options & gift cards.

Our story

We started Nouri to help you feel your best as you step into this magical chapter of your life. Watching our families nurture and support the new mothers in our own lives, we understand the power of nutrition – and the potential to make food a joyful and adventurous part of the journey.

Here at Nouri, we do the research, design the meals, and deliver them to your home. All you have to do is enjoy nourishing food that is good for your body.

With love,

Irene & Jennifer

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