To take COVID safety precautions post-holidays, our next delivery is 1/10.


Pick a Plan

  • Pick a plan based on your pregnancy stage and dietary needs.

  • Add additional meals for your family at a discount. 

  • Purchase as a one-time gift or on subscription.

NOTE: We currently deliver in NYC (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx), Westchester 

Adapts to Stage

  • Specific adjustments are made to the foundation of meals based on your stage of pregnancy. 

  •  Each plan comes with fresh, seasonal, ready-to-eat meals and a daily snack, tea (& broth in postpartum).

Deliver to Door

  • Receive a delivery text reminder on Monday morning before delivery between 6pm-9pm. 

  • Meals are delivered in insulated bags & ice packs - we'll pick them up the following week!

Prepare & Enjoy

  • Refrigerate your meals and follow heating instructions. 

  • Enjoy with your family!

Have special dietary needs? Fill out an online health assessment or schedule complimentary 

15-min nutrition consult with our Culinary Director & Clinical Nutritionist.



Baby Benefits

Diet can impact everything from baby's brain & organ development to their long-term eating habits. 

Address Symptoms

Inspired by Eastern food therapy, our foods can help alleviate nausea, heartburn, swelling and more.

Goodbye Guesswork

Don't worry about what is and isn't safe or healthy to eat in pregnancy - we do the work for you.

Healthy Weight

Nutrient-dense meals are designed for consistency to address gestational concerns

Gestational Diabetes & Hypertension Safe

Our menu contains foods that are low on the glycemic index, plant forward, high in fiber and phytonutrient rich.

Local & Organic, Whenever Possible

Our menu is seasonal and rotates weekly to ensure we use produce at the peak of freshness and nutrient bioavailability.


While our focus is on the foundation of vitamins & minerals for a healthy parent & baby, we also strive for nutritional consistency. 

We manage your full day of meals to provide 2000-2300 calories (varies based on your stage of pregnancy and postpartum) across breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack. 

Breakfast: Average 300-500 calories

Lunches & Dinners: Average of 500-600 calories

Snack: Average of 100-200 calories

Broth & Tea: Average of 200-400 calories